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The Houston Chronicle Dining Guide:"The lure of these small packets spans age groups and cultures in a way that's almost primal."  --Allison Cook, Nov. 4, 2004
The Houston Press -Best Empanadas Award(2008)
"Inside, don't be surprised to see Marcello or his daughter greeting customers new and old like family, welcoming them with warm smiles and lots of friendly conversation."
                                           --Houston Press, 2008
"I love the fact that the Marini family has never resorted to the icky-sticky commercial fillings that many bakeries use these days. You get a real sense of the fruit from their dessert empanadas, which is all too rare" --- September 5, 2007
"Marini's Empanada House is one of those "best kept secret" places that only a local would know about.  The food is hand made to order and absolutely fabulous.  You must try the Gaucho empanada.  It is a heavenly blend of beef, olives, hard boiled egg and spices.  It will knock your socks off.  The family owned atmosphere is refreshingly honest and simple, and the mate is a must have refreshing drink to wash down serious empanadas.  Don't miss the chance for a tender, hot desert empanada to reward yourself for a good meal. "                         --- John, October 2008